Pyramid Lake Cycling – Gravel Weekend

Pyramid Lake Cycling – Gravel Weekend

Calling all cyclists to participate in our inaugural cycling weekend at Pyramid!

Organized by experienced cyclists, Pyramid is hosting a weekend for cyclists including two organized rides around the area. Participants may choose to register for a ride only, or may register for a weekend at Pyramid along with Saturday’s ride. See below for further details:


There are two distances to ride for this weekend. The 77 mile “Big Ride” and the 25 mile “Little Ride”.

The Big Ride

  • 77 Miles through remote Vermont Gravel
  • 2 Rest Stops

The Little Ride

  • 25 Miles right out of Pyramid Life Center
  • 1 Rest Stop

The “Big Ride” starts just across the Lake Champlain from Crown Point in Vermont. Those doing this ride will need to drive to the start location from Pyramid Lake. It is roughly a 40 minute drive.

The “Little Ride” starts right from Pyramid Lake. This route is 25 miles long and allows participants to get a ride in on Saturday morning and enjoy the rest of the afternoon enjoying Pyramid Life Center.



Registration for this event at


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