Pyramid Life Center, Box 103, Paradox NY, 12858 | 518.585.7545

Volunteers are always needed and welcome at Pyramid Life Center:

The two most popular times to volunteer are on our opening and closing weekends. Opening weekend is every Memorial Day weekend and this is the time when the camp is opened up. Volunteers help open up the cabins, set docks, put in boats, and much more. Closing weekend is every Columbus Day weekend in October and is when the camp is closed down. Volunteers usually help close the cabins, take out docks, split wood, take in the boats and much more.

Both opening and closing weekned are run completely with volunteers so your help is much needed. Make sure to bring all of your friends! Saturday is the major work day on opening and closing weekends.

Please call 518-585-7545 for more details

Scholarships Available:

If you wish to apply for full or partial aid for yourself or for someone whom you feel would benefit from our programs but would be unable to pay, contact:

Pyramid Life Center
Box 103
Paradox, NY 12858


Please consider making donations to the scholarship fund and also including us in your will!