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Out of the Woods: The Journey to Long-Term Recovery

Jun 3-5

Often in 12 step rooms we hear newcomers being told, “It takes three to 5 years to get out of the woods.” This advice suggests patience with all that must be learned and experienced in those early years. Later, near the five-year mark, many of us realize that it can take that long just to get into the woods and to make real changes in our thinking and behavior. But if we stay and work the program, a wonderful thing happens: long-term recovery takes hold. A new and wonderful life begins. Join author and teacher, Diane Cameron and a group of women in recovery for a weekend of recovery strategy, conversation, laughter, healing and reflection on the journey to long-term recovery. This retreat is for all women from all Twelve-step programs. Bring your friends, your sponsor, and sponsee.

BIO: Diane Cameron is a teacher and speaker. She has led retreats on recovery and writing and spirituality for many years. She is the author of, “Out of the Woods—A Woman’s Guide to Long-term Recovery”, and “Looking for Signs—essays on spirituality and community.”Diane is a Times Union columnist, yoga teacher, spiritual director and recovery coach.


Friends of Lois

Jul 15-17 - $175

We’ve heard in meetings “put the oxygen mask on yourself first” but many of us still struggle with self-care. Old patterns run deep. Join us for a weekend to be reminded of your worth and value. Take some time to practice attentiveness to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You deserve it!


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